Founded in 2001, FOTC formed an early partnership with Youth INC in 2002. 13 years later, the partnership is still producing dramatic results. As FOTC Executive Director Dr. Robert L. Houck notes, “It was incredibly helpful to have access to the leadership and knowledge that Youth INC offers to entrepreneurial, youth serving agencies.”

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Jamie’s Journey

When FOTC met Jamie as a kindergartener, she had a habit of clashing with her classmates and teachers. She was orphaned at a young age, and faced legal obstacles to staying in her foster home. FOTC intervened at an early age, matching her with a professional mentor known as a “Friend”. FOTC also provides her and her foster home legal counsel, and gives Jamie peer group counseling. With years of regular mentoring, Jamie starts to find academic success. In high school FOTC and her Friend set Jamie up at an internship in a local law office, and provided additional SAT prep and college search support. Now, as a successful 11th grader, Jamie is gearing up for college at a top NYC high school, and is a leader in the student community thanks to FOTC’s mentorship.